pH2O has an experienced team of highly qualified process engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, electrical engineers, and automation specialists.
The division performs analytical tests of raw materials and products, development and improvement of new procedures and pilot-plant simulation of electrochemical processes to determine the optimal non-chemical water treatment programs.
The analysis of water quality, scale, sediment, corrosion rate, and other characteristics carried out by pH2O enable providing customers with the services for water process monitoring and set-up and adjustment of specific system treatment. The division plays a key role in preparation and performance of production tests of the water treatment programs in full compliance to ISO required. One of the main benefits of working with us is an ability to perform the water treatment equipment pilot tests on the customer's site. Management of pilot-plant tests enables simulating and optimizing the water treatment system operation and preventing the risk of improper use of technologies without additional costs on the customer's part. After initial pilot is proven to be feasible we advance to up scaling the system to meet exact demands of performance. pH2O provides technical support in management and performance of pilot-plant tests and installations, as well as, monitoring and analysis of data obtained.




wastewater is analyzed to
determine the best composition
of the special coated electrodes


Guided by deploying the best
cost effective combination of
products for maximizing


All products are assembled in
Israel and undergo strict QA


From installation throughout
the product life cycle.


By a personal representative
and electronic manuals


Products are accompanied
by one of our highly trained professionals

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