pH Corrector

From landfills to cooling towers, from metal industries to treating RO concentrate, pH2O has an onsite pH corrector that reliably delivers precise pH water solutions (0.1 pH) in a stable, consistent and repeatable manner. With a fully automated system, the pH is set to sediment earth and heavy metals, eliminate befouls and prevent scaling and corrosion to equipment and all with no added chemicals.


The ability to attain and maintain the desired pH is crucial in all wastewater treatment processes.

A typical pH-control system consists of one or more reactors, mixers, measuring elements, controllers and reagent-delivery systems. It might also include equalization tanks used before the reactor(s) and attenuation tanks downstream. Bulk quantities of the chemicals must be kept onsite to ensure a constant supply during the influent treatment. The effluent must further undergo chemical treatment to neutralise the first phase influent added chemicals and a final chemical polishing to disinfect and assure discharge meets environmental regulations.


The pHC was designed to replace the above process in a single operation. As pH fluctuates in different influents the pHC is set to automatically detect the optimal pH in a 2-11 range.

The H2O in the wastewater is electronically split into OH- and H+ ions.
The OH- creates the high pH and bonds to soluble metals in the influent to create insoluble hydroxides that can easily and efficiently be separated with our EFS (Electro Floto Sludge). The electro process converts the chlorides into free chlorine which act as an additional bio disinfectant so in one operational step the device cleans and disinfects.



pH Activated Water


As the pHC is used to treat wastewater, the pHAW is used to produce pure water for industrial processes. Similar to the pHC in electronically controlling the pH, the pHAW differs by the pH levels that are preset to produce a constant and stable stream

(pH 1.8-13.3)

Unlike the the pHC, the pHAW influent source is either tap water or pretreated RO water. Stabilized pH water is an extremely important factor in industrial processes in the food & beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

The processed pHAW contains high amounts of Redox (REDuction-OXidation ) acting as superoxidants. In low pH the ORP (Oxidation Redox Potential) is +1150Mv and in high pH (13.3) the ORP is -980Mv.


In the commercial laundry market segment, the activated water replaces the traditional chemicals used to achieve the pH levels required for processing (pH 12), reduces the use rate of detergents and prevents scaling and clogging of valves and pipes associated with poor quality water.


The pHC/pHAW are extremely energy efficient and consume less than 0.5 Kw to treat 1m3 of influent



      The pHC/pHAW Advantages

  • Small footprint
  • Modular scalability
  • low capital costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal sludge
  • Long lifespan electrodes

Contact us for special requirements and our design engineers will be happy to advise you on the optimal configuration for your need



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