pH2O provides a wide array of competitive solutions for managing water and wastewater challenges with advantages beyond complying to stringent environmental regulations and growing global water shortage.
We maximize the added value we offer in order to minimize the ROI period freeing financial and human resources so our customers can focus  on their core business


Focusing on our clients’ needs we  offer:

    • Wastewater treatments for industrial wastewater that are highly competitive, cost effective and simple to operate and maintain
    • Wastewater recycling  back to the system or to be reused in other applications such as cooling, landscaping and washing helping our clients to facilitate growth associated with water quota.
    • Sludge reduction due to the fact that there are no added chemicals.
    • Recovery of precious metals up to 99.9%
    • Disinfection by electro chemical chlorination and advanced oxidation generated during the treatment process.
    • Pre RO treatment to reduce clogging of the membranes and reduce biological contaminants.
    • Post RO treatment to reduce the concentrate
    • Water generation (activated Water)  at specific pH levels for industrial process
    • Clean in Place (CIP) with high or low pH water that cut costs of detergents, heat and downtime of manufacturing lines and equipment.


Case Studies
Landfill garbage truck wash



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