pH2O has an onsite electro coagulator that was developed as an alternative to the complicated and costly process of using coagulating and sedimentation chemicals.
Coagulation is one of the most important physic-chemical reactions used in almost all industrial wastewater treatments: wastewater containing earth and heavy metals, pulp and paper industries, mining and metal-processing industries, cooling tower application, water containing foodstuff waste, oil wastes, dyes, suspended particles, chemical and mechanical polishing waste, organic matter from landfill leachates, DE fluorination of water and synthetic detergents.
The EC introduces a very low current on Aluminum or Iron electrodes, modifying the negative charge of waste water and destabilizing the emulsion of contaminant. Insito production of the electrons minimizes the sludge to 20% compared to added chemical coagulants and removes a far larger types of contaminants while reducing the TDS content in the effluent.
The EC is most effective in removing the smallest colloidal particles because the applied electric field sets them in faster motion, thereby facilitating the coagulation.
The sludge formed differs from sludge formed by added chemical sludge in that it tends to be much larger, contains less bound water, is acid-resistant and more stable, and therefore easy to de-water, and can be separated faster by filtration.


      The EC Advantages

  • low capital, operating and maintenance costs
  • More effective than chemical coagulation
  • Avoids use of added chemicals
  • Simple equipment and operation
  • Removes the smallest colloidal particles
  • Produces effluent with less TDS
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal sludge
pH2O ElectroCoagulator
Combining the EC with our EFS gives clear, colorless, odorless water where a tremendous reduction of BOD & COD is achieved.

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